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Listen beautiful, let’s cut the bull, alright? You want this. I definitely want this. T.H. wants this. Let’s seal this devil’s threeway right here, right now. Step one: We buy into this club. Step two: We roll over to the club, either in your Mercedes-Ben, which is gorgeous, or my pre-owned Acura Legend, which is alright. Step three: I dagger you on the dance floor. Just bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, now all the ladies sayin’, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. What do you say, sexy?


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you're always welcome to ask for a .zip of any sets you'd like, or request a set of icons here.


tyler hoechlin in teen wolf season 4
dylan o'brien in teen wolf season 6
amanda seyfried in fathers & daughters

Jan. 23rd, 2024


need a .zip? want me to icon someone in particular?
this post serves as a catch-all for requests and/or questions.

Sep. 2nd, 2018

david harbour in "stranger things"

surprise! i have absoltuely no impulse control and immediately icon any face anyone ever suggests!
(or, "my girlfriend lamented the lack of harbour icons and then i found [info]capseroo's caps of him, which must be kismet.")

david harbour
stranger things, season 2
(435 icons)
tw: guns

i would die for jim hopper )

Aug. 29th, 2018

tyler posey in "jane the virgin" (294)

last post of the day, pinky swear. this is basically my extinction burst of productivity before school starts, and i had to get this kid's face in there.

tyler posey
jane the virgin
(294 icons)

caps by [info]capseroo!

best. faces. ever. )

aaron tveit in "graceland" (970) [2/2]

aaron tveit
graceland, season 3, episodes 8-13
(479 icons)
tw: guns

part two )