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Jan. 23rd, 2019


this post serves as a catch-all for requests and/or questions. if you have a specific PB in mind and you want to put your faith in me, i'd be happy to give it a go and make some stuff for you!

(aka i've iconned them but have yet to post)

aaron tveit in graceland season 2 & 3
thomas hayes in skam season 1 & 2
stefanie scott in caught

Jun. 11th, 2018

fork you, photoshop.


i have so, so many icons i have to organize and post on here, but until i find suitable hosting because of photoshop's devilry, it's a no go for the time being.

in the meantime i may go back and reorganize that layouts of some of my previous icon tables/condense posts, but...bear with me while i figure out a plan B for where to put all these silly little icons. if ou want zips of anything i have in the meantime, feel free to check this post of icon sets i've yet to post and i'd be happy to just give you what i have! ♥

May. 11th, 2017

022 → lily collins in stuck in love

here's 155 icons of lily collins in stuck in love.
tbh i watched this film for hot dad greg kinnear but hopefully someone will like these and get use from them!

she was going thru some shit with percy jackson in this film. )

021 → dylan minnette in thirteen reasons why

i didn't watch this show bc i don't want to hate myself, but this kid has a face!!!
so here's 333 icons of it in thirteen reasons why.

also, these are from episodes 1-3, and the caps are from here. as they upload more caps, i'll likely post more icons!

a face. but a sad one. )

Apr. 30th, 2016


here's part three of 608 icons of crystal reed as allison argent on teen wolf.
these are from season two, episodes nine through twelve.

there's no such thing as fate. )

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